Hi friends, I’m Lindsay!
Mother. Writer. Enlightenment Junkie. Sweatpants Enthusiast.

I’m also the creator of Enlight Bites– your one stop shop for bite-sized inspiration from across the web.

A little more about me?

I spent a decade of my life writing and producing news stories before trading in my network gig for a true “life of leisure.” By day, I work tirelessly to keep my three young children from impaling themselves with pointy objects, licking the bottoms of their shoes and eating lint off the floor. By night I write about the human condition, conscious living and my own oftentimes restless soul.  I have what I believe to be a healthy obsession with Robert Frost poems, obscure YouTube product reviews, sarcasm, underdog success stories and people who laugh at themselves (or my jokes). I tend to write a lot about how to live a deeper, more meaningful life. I’m hoping one day I might figure out how to take my own advice.

In the meantime, let’s tackle this beautiful mess together, shall we?
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— Lindsay