As you read the posts on this site, you may notice that I use the phrase “Divine Intuition” from time to time. Just so there’s no confusion (and in the spirit of making sure we’re all on the same page) I thought it might be best if I take a moment to explain what that term means to me.

For our purposes here, “Divine Intuition” refers to your awareness, no matter how faint or stunted it may be, that there is a mysterious and powerful force for good at work in the world, and that this force is bigger than you. 

Call this force whatever feels comfortable to you— I call it God, others call it The Universe, it may be known to you simply as Grace or Spirit or even the Soul. You might recognize this higher power as the energy that keeps pulling you forward, the gentle whispers that tell you that what is simply can’t be all there is, or that singular point of clarity when your consciousness expands and suddenly you are able to see a whole new world of possibilities that seemed invisible to you before.

You can call this force your Contract. Your Purpose. Your Calling. You can call it the energy of all things, connecting all things. You can call it Love— not the possessive kind of love that leaves you feeling jealous and empty of course, but the kind that makes it possible for you to look into the eyes of another human being with whom you think you have nothing in common and actually see yourself.

You can connect with this powerful force through religion. You can find it through meditation, music or service to others. You can feel it in your book club, during a meaningful conversation with someone you love, or in those once-in-a-lifetime moments you know will forever be etched into your memory. You can connect with this power through journaling, running, cooking, caring for your children, praying or watching Luke Skywalker learn to embrace The Force.

I believe, friends, that this power is everywhere, in all things and doesn’t discriminate.

I use the term “Divine Intuition” very intentionally in this community because it is my belief that having an awareness of this greater force for good is the first step in aligning ourselves with its energy.

The next steps?

Well, I’m hoping we can take those together.

Because as it turns our we’re all supposed to be doing things here on earth. Big things. Little things. Big things disguised as little things. And if you’re still here and you’re still reading, I believe your time to answer that call is now.

There is no better time than this moment, the only moment you’re ever guaranteed, to begin the true journey of honoring your true self.