A few weeks ago, I posted about the problem with productivity, highlighting the ways in which we tend to prioritize life’s urgent but inconsequential tasks over the ones that require presence, but truly matter. Often, we fall into the trap of giving all tasks equal value even when they are not of equal importance. This is why we get a temporary high when we are able to check a high volume of tasks off our to-do lists, but inevitably come to feel overwhelmed by day’s end when we realize we didn’t spend enough of our energy or attention on the things that would have made the biggest difference.

In today’s vlog, I’m sharing with you my number one tool for maximizing productivity while still living intentionally. Add this tool to your own arsenal and learn how you, too, can easily identify and prioritize all of the most meaningful tasks in your life. Then see how much easier it is to keep your attention on what matters!

Check out this week’s video, then let’s try it together!
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