Survival mode– we’ve all been there. Something unexpected happens, turning the world as we know it upside down. Almost immediately, the darkness in which we find ourselves begins to consume us. Scarcity becomes our new baseline. Worry, our new normal. We start hoarding the resources we do have. Defining ourselves by whatever it is we feel we lack. Making decisions, born of the misguided fear that tomorrow will be exactly like today.

Is this where you are on your journey?

If so, It Comes in Waves is for you. In this episode of the Robcast, Rob Bell asks us to think of our challenges like waves. To remember that nothing about who we are and certainly nothing that’s happened to us has ever had the power to sustain itself indefinitely. And to acknowledge the truth that every wave that’s ever come crashing down on us has always passed. Which means this one will, too. Recommended listening for anyone going through a period of struggle or adversity.

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