Today, friends, let’s remember that the wrong turns, the missed signs and the forced detours are not only an inevitable part of life– they are an essential one. Because true success is measured, not by the number of “right choices” we make, but by our ability to notice when we’ve made the wrong ones. It lies in our courage to change direction. Our willingness to recalibrate. Our commitment to the hard and holy work of pulling our hearts back to center, reorienting our lives and clearing our path of all of yesterday’s baggage.

The truth is, real success has very little to do with the road not taken. I think that’s because it’s waiting to be found right here. On the road we’re already traveling. Along the very same, well-worn path that’s at one time led to both our greatest joys and our deepest pain.

And it’s when we stumble upon those glimmers of success here— somewhere between all the stepping out and the starting over— that we are often left with no other choice but to find our way back to ourselves.