What might happen if we decided, in this very moment, to finally suspend our search for the “perfect time” to begin our work? What if we stopped merely talking about what we planned to do someday  and actually… began to do it? Right here. Right now. The scary, messy, life-shattering, game-changing, internal “cleanup on aisle 5” kind of work we know we’re being called to do?

Might we actually start that business, after all? Go back for the degree? Make that move? Write the book? Take the trip? Bring that genius idea into reality?

The thing is, beginnings are hard because they require risk. They don’t come with guarantees or a clear view of the finish line. And no matter how much money, or time, or energy, or support, or strength, or experience, or public approval we have, it will never feel like enough. We will always find a way to convince ourselves that if we had just a little bit more, if things were just a little less hectic, a little more certain then we could finally get down to our work.

But unfortunately for us, it doesn’t actually get easier. If anything, as time goes on, the risk just gets greater. Truth is, no matter who we are or what we have, we will never feel quite bulletproof enough to begin.

So what, then, if we took that first step now? What if we stepped out into something exciting and unknown and promised to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even as the ground trembled beneath us? Is it possible we might discover that we’re more sure-footed than we knew?

Today let’s remember, as we struggle to navigate that rocky and uncertain terrain, that we don’t need to be able to see the ending in order to begin. We don’t need to know what future challenges we may face in order to do our work today. And we don’t need to be able to see the entire staircase in order to begin our slow and steady climb toward the life we’ve always wanted.

All we’ve ever needed to be able to see is the next right step.