How might our lives be different if we chose to believe that all things– even the setbacks, missteps and false starts– held some kind of hidden blessing?

Would we find it easier to accept the things we can’t control?

Might we spend more time moving forward in new and creative ways, rather than fighting our circumstances and digging in our heels out of resistance?

Would our hearts be at ease in the knowledge that what is meant for us will never miss us, and what misses us was never meant for us?

Today, let’s open our arms and welcome in whatever lessons our lives are trying to teach us. Let’s be grateful for them– no matter what dark or sinister form they may appear to take. Because sometimes, fear is the only thing that gets our attention; and in order to grow, we must first be jolted out of our deep sleep of complacency.

If Life is an old and faithful friend, that means above all else, it is on our side. It wants us to grow. It will do whatever it must to wake us up– and yes, sometimes that might mean inflicting a little terror.

But we owe a lot to this old and faithful friend. Which is why it’s so important that we also be on Life’s side. That we hold up our end of the relationship. That we do our part to stay open and engaged and encouraged by its remarkable unfolding. And that we give it the very thing it needs to continue doing its sacred work in us (which also happens to be the very thing it deserves most): the benefit of our doubt.