This book is a parenting game-changer and one I’ve recommended to just about every parent I’ve ever met. Unlike other books in the parenting genre, The Conscious Parent doesn’t offer up simple strategies for transforming your child in thirty days or less. No, friends. This is a book designed to transform you. Dr. Tsabary’s exploration of the parent-child relationship is centered around a single premise: Our children come into our lives with a specific purpose– to trigger whatever unresolved emotional issues we still have from our own childhoods and force us to address them.

Mic drop.

This book changed everything about the way I appreciate, validate and communicate with my children. If you have children of your own and are ready to do a little soul searching– this one’s for you.

From Goodreads: It’s a tremendous privilege to raise children, though for a quite different reason than most of us who are parents imagine.

While we think it’s our responsibility to mold and shape our children’s future, the essential premise of Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s A Call to Conscious Parenting is that our children are born to us to create deep internal transformation within us.

Our children have the power to unleash our egoic behavior unlike anyone else, triggering all of our emotional reactivity. As, through our intimate relationship with them, we are exposed to our immaturity, they become our most accurate mirror of our own lack of emotional development. In other words, by inviting us to confront who we are in our relationship with them, our children raise us to be the parents they long for us to become.

Despite our best intentions to raise our children well, in our unconsciousness we pass on emotional legacies to our children that have deep and lasting repercussions. Bequeathing to them our unresolved needs, unmet expectations, and frustrated dreams, we shackle them in unconscious patterns that shut them down to their own unique being.

To do justice to parenthood, a parent needs to become conscious. Only to the degree we are willing to transform our own emotional present do we succeed in positively influencing our children’s future. Check it out on Goodreads!

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