Today let’s remember that at all times we are both the seed and the flower. We are both the root and the bud. We are the promise, and we are the potential realized.

It’s tempting to want to beat ourselves up for all the goals we haven’t accomplished, or the success we thought we would have achieved by now, or the self-imposed milestones we have yet to reach. And yet, there is a danger to this kind of tunnel vision: When we judge ourselves for what we are not we discount all the many things we have been. We diminish all the many things we will be. We deny all the subtle, imperceptible ways we happen to be opening and stretching and blooming in this very moment.

So today friends, let’s give ourselves permission to take off the blinders. To witness the duality of our own existence. To understand that we can never really grow if we’re not willing to acknowledge how far we’ve already come.

Because, as it turns out, we are both the journey and the destination. The dreamer and the dream. The instrument and “the music,” as T.S. Eliot wrote, “while the music lasts.” We are always on our way to becoming something else. Something new. Something that could never have been possible if it weren’t for all the roots we’d planted yesterday.

Which means that right now, in this very moment, we are each on the verge of bursting into some beautiful new reality we never could have imagined.

And yet, at the same time we are perfectly all right, just as we are.