Today, friends, let’s remember that the birth of something new must always be preceded by the death of something familiar.

That all new life springs from a comfortable darkness that has never before had reason to contemplate the existence of light.

And that often, without the disruption of life as we know it, we’d never find ourselves face to face with the potential of life as it could be.

So today, friends, no matter the power or urgency of whatever darkness may have us in its grip, let’s resist the urge to hold together that which is already broken. Let’s fight the instinct lurk in the shadows of what we think we “know for sure.” Let’s remember that in order to find the life that’s been waiting for us, it’s often necessary let go of the one we have. To step blindly into the unknown. To follow whatever small pinprick of light we can find– even if we fear it might be leading us down the path to our own destruction.

Because it might be.
And maybe that’s the point.

Often it is the case that our old self must collapse in order for our new self to be born. Which means “the life we want,” as Iyanla Vanzant said, “is always on the other side of the labor pains it takes to birth it.”