We all hold seeds of genius in our hands.

The cautious save these seeds for a rainy day, while the daring push them deep into the soil without a second thought. The patient keep loving vigil over the new life entrusted to them, while the faithful vow to find meaning in whatever sprouts.

But the brave?

The brave not only believe in the transformative power of their own genius. They teach others why they should believe in it, too.

Because the truth is– the world isn’t always prepared to receive our unique gifts. Even the people who love us most might never truly understand whatever crazy, beautiful, creative thing we’re being called to do. More often than we should, we allow our genius to lay dormant, waiting in vain for the validation of those who simply can’t see our flashes of brilliance.

At least, not without our help.

Because chances are, whatever that thing is that’s tugging at us– if it was obvious, it would have been done already. If it was easy to see, it would have its own bandwagon by now.

As the guardians of our own genius, it’s up to us– not to simply give our critics whatever they happen to be demanding.

But to teach them why they need the very thing that makes us come alive.