Today let us remember what peace may be found in surrender.

Let us choose to stop pushing back against our circumstances. To resist the urge to dig in our heels at the first sign of change. To stop fighting life’s miraculous unfolding by insisting we know better.

Because sometimes, our most important work is not to catch, but to release: To loosen our grip on the ideas we’ve grown so fond of, the identities that have come to define us, the plans we’ve become attached to, the relationships that have brought us this far. Each of these key pieces has served an important purpose on our journey. And yet, the wardrobe that got us here never promised us it would fit forever. Growth demands that at some point, we try on something new.

So today, let us find the courage to hold our lives more loosely (even the parts that feel the most comfortable and familiar) so that it may be easier to let go when we must. Let us remember that no experience is wasted. And let us live our story while at the same time releasing our grip on how we believe it should unfold.

Because the truth is, it is already unfolding exactly as it should.

Our only choice in the matter is whether we want to see it.

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