When in doubt, do the hard thing.

Confront the issue, don’t ignore it.

Have the tough conversation instead of allowing resentment to fester.

Set boundaries, then keep them. Even if you disappoint someone.

Keep that confidence, instead of leveraging another person’s trust for attention or power.

Give something away– especially when you’re worried that you don’t have enough. Generosity is the engine of the universe.

Have the courage to sit with someone else’s pain. Resist the urge offer silver linings or quick fixes.

Step out into something new, even though it’s scarier than lamenting all the possible ways you could fail.

Don’t forget: The more at peace you are with your choices, the less important it becomes to prove to others that you’re right.

Let it go. Don’t insist on reopening old wounds every time you have a captive audience.

Fess up when you’ve made a mistake. Be the kind of person who makes it easy for others to do the same.

Remember, always, that if they knew better, they’d do better.

And whatever you do, don’t let yourself off the hook. Don’t resist the call to grow deeper. Don’t refuse the invitation to stretch beyond yourself. Don’t stop pushing the moment things start to get uncomfortable, because on the other side of pain is always peace. And no matter how much you may wish I was wrong about this, I promise you.

You can do hard things.