Today, friends, let’s remember that hindsight is always 20/20. That it’s easy to pick apart our past choices. To Monday Morning Quarterback our lives. To apply today’s perspective to yesterday’s decisions, as if we ever could have known back then, the way our lives would be unfolding now.

Getting lost in what we should have done is easy.

The harder thing is to seek out our own truth right here. In this place. No matter how dark or uncertain. To embrace each new day with all its blessings and opportunities and invitations to grow. To break the feedback loop of worry and anxiety that haunts us, holds us back and keeps us tethered to a place and time that has nothing left to teach us.

Because the truth is, the life we want is often hiding in plain sight, somewhere within the life we already have. We won’t find it by backtracking. Or ruminating on our past missteps. Or reliving every wrong turn.

This new life is pulling us forward.

It has been all along.

And to see it, all we have to do is turn our attention to the road ahead, instead of fixating on the one in our rearview.